An initiative of Hacienda CDC, Micro Mercantes is a social enterprise incubator that empowers and collaborates with hard working Latino culinary micro-entrepreneurs who sell their authentic & handmade food in Portland, Oregon.

Introducing some of our entrepreneurs:

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And, their success helped us and the Portland Mercado win a recent award for our work in equity:

MM in the News

Our Community Kitchen Prepares to Move into the... - Mar 11

It's been awhile since we have shared some updates and we think it's about time that we do! We have been busy at work securing funds and finalizing the design to grow our food incubator model into a full service platform that features a ...

Bocado Urbano: Connecting Micro Mercantes Entre... - Jan 17

Our recent partnership with The Side Yard farm is a natural fit- a shared neighborhood (Cully) and entrepreneurial spirits come together to diversify the traditional dishes of the businesses in our program. The best part? You are invite...

Generous Community Supporters Help Outfit our C... - Jan 08

For us, it's a grassroots effort to build our new commissary kitchen. This effort involves fundraising, reaching out to the community and being resourceful in procuring equipment to maintain and build our new commissary kitchen. The eff...